Plant Care

Planting Guide

We want to give you the best chance at having a healthy, happy yard & garden, so we offer tips throughout our website.To increase your transplanting success follow the instructions on the Planting Guide, available for FREE...

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Deer Resistant Plants

Have you ever been so proud of a plant that is growing in your yard... one you consider to be the ultimate specimen of that variety, one that you show-off to your friends & neighbors & Facebook/Instagram followers constantly? Only to walk outside one morning and find...

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Planting in Central Oregon

Growing plants in Central Oregon can be quite a challenge. Whether you are creating a new yard or garden, tending to indoor plants, or xeriscaping your yard, there are many tips to know to be successful.A good source for gardening challenges can be found in the FREE...

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tipWinter Watering
Plants need water year ’round – even in the winter. Don’t overwater or constantly keep moist, just be sure to give them a drink through the cold winter months.

planting tipGood Soil
For best results when adding a plant it is always a good idea to amend the soil with organic compost. (Blend it 50/50 with the existing soil.) Always water your plant in the container before transplanting it.