Have you ever been so proud of a plant that is growing in your yard… one you consider to be the ultimate specimen of that variety, one that you show-off to your friends & neighbors & Facebook/Instagram followers constantly? Only to walk outside one morning and find the deer have eaten it down to nubs? We have, too! There really is nothing quite as frustrating as the realization that we co-reside with deer… in every single neighborhood in Central Oregon. And, boy, are they hungry!

If you don’t want to go completely au natural, we’d like to make a suggestion: Fill your yard with deer resistant plants! There are many plants that can stand up to the hungry critters. The idea behind a plant being deer resistant is that the plant grows so fast, when the nibbling occurs, more new growth occurs. However, if you don’t protect a newly added plant, the nibbling would be too much and it would take the plant a long time to recuperate, if at all possible.

In the beginning, when you add a new plant to your yard, you should protect the plant from the curious deer by either spraying Liquid Fence or putting up a temporary cage/fence/deer netting. This will give your plant time to get the roots established and maintain growth beyond the hungry deer’s appetite. 

Find a complete list of deer resistant plants in Central Oregon in this brochure from the Oregon State University Extension Service.

Stop by the Cascade Gardens Nursery to stock up on the plants, shrubs and trees that you will enjoy, more than the deer.