Cascade Garden Nursery in Bend, Oregon

Would you like to make your yard beautiful?

Our friendly staff are here to help with advice on what to plant in Central Oregon. Don’t let the short growing season and hungry deer discourage you! Our nursery staff can help make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

We carry a wide selection of landscape plants suitable for Central Oregon. Stop by the garden center and nursery to talk with one of our staff members about best choices for plant material in your area. We go the extra mile to help you find what your yard needs

By offering delivery and planting of your newly purchased plants, Cascade Gardens crews do the hard work for you. All you have to do is come in and select the plants, trees and shrubs you want us to install into your yard. If you need help with design, check out our landscape department.

The availability of plant sizes and varieties changes often so visit us to see what’s on-site. If you have your heart set on specific plants, talk with one of the nursery staff members to place your special request.

Stop in with your family, everyone is welcome – including Fido!


We offer the following plants and items, in stock seasonally

Plant Care Advice

We are happy to offer these free booklets from the Oregon State University Extension Service:

Landscape Services

Need help designing your dream yard? Our Landscape Department can help! We have been landscaping Central Oregon since 1978!


Annuals brighten up baskets & outdoor pots for several months throughout the year. Everything from flowers to herbs, we have a large selection to choose from.

Hanging Baskets


Hanging baskets look gorgeous when put around deck and porch corners, with their full blooms cascading down. We have one of the nicest hanging basket selections in Central Oregon, filled with flowers of every color.

Dwarf Evergreens


Dwarf evergreens are the foundation to a year ’round, beautiful landscape. There are many different varieties from which to choose.



These are the plants you love to see come back year after year. They are very hardy and zoned for our Central Oregon area in order to keep your garden maintenance to a minimum.


Grasses add movement and variety to any landscape. They work well for borders and offer wonderful seasonal interest all year round.

Seasonal Plants


With the changing of the seasons there are numerous plants that have wonderful attributes to enjoy, so you can have a beautiful yard year round. From early blooming bulbs to living Christmas trees, we have a great selection to bring you plant joy year-round.


Providing bountiful shade and screening to your landscape, our wide selection of evergreen and deciduous trees will add year round beauty to your yard.



Succulents are an easy care plant, whether planted indoors or out. They don’t require much water and care is minimal.

Native Plants


We have in stock Ponderosa pine trees, Oregon Grape, Vine Maple, Snowberry and many other varieties to enhance your landscape.



From evergreens, seasonal color like the burning bush (shown), and bloomers like rhododendron & lilacs, shrubs help to anchor a garden spot and add interest to the landscape.


There are many vines that can thrive in the high desert – including clematis (pictured), honeysuckle, hops and virginia creeper, adding a lovely addition to any yard.



We have a large assortment of indoor and outdoor plant pots, in an array of colors, sizes and shapes. Stop into the Floral Department and Nursery to see the selection.


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